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The ACS World Atlas

ACS World Atlas Look-ups are used by all STARDM's system software providing instant access to latitudes, longitudes, and date-sensitive time zones for over a quarter of a million cities around the world.

ACS World Atlas's integrated database works with all STARDM's systems and software.

Creating a chart has never been easier or more precise! In astrology, the correctness of the data entered determines the accuracy of your charts and reports. In just a couple of keystrokes our systems will find and enter exact latitude, longitude and time zone information.

Where is Kazakhstan anyway? What ever happened to Burma?

New ACS World Atlas recognizes newly formed countries as well as old names for easy look up. Coordinates for over a quarter of a million cities and hospitals! All new European time zones included. ACS World Atlas look-ups also displays counties - for example there are four cities called Windsor in Canada. The new ACS Atlas look-up county information makes it much easier to select the correct city.


Coordinates for almost any city in the world, including all major hospitals.
Correct time zones for every location and date.
Proper entry of Daylight, Standard, Wartime, and many other time zone rules.
Complete integration allows instant lookup of cities from any STARDM system program.


The ACS World Atlas - System Integration

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